Superintendent's Notes

Superintendent's Notes


welcome message from dr. john severson

When the leadership of a significant community agency changes, there is a tendency for people to wonder how such change may affect the organization. As the first person from outside the community to take the helm of the MAISD in several years, I want to emphasize that our work will only be successful if we collaborate in a professional learning community that is student-centered and focused on the betterment of all of the students in Muskegon County. With that being said, my initial experiences--through the interview process, reviews of programming and services, and my meetings with staff members--support the fact that collaborative practices are being used and many great programs have been soundly established.

Given the many challenges schools face today, I believe the support we provide our local districts is crucial and I look forward to working with our superintendents in all areas. In regards to the community, Thrive and other initiatives have my full support and I will continue the work that Dave Sipka began. Furthermore, the ISD’s programs and unwavering support and advocacy for our children and educators will continue, as will our work with state legislators to increase funding for our schools and to encourage them to take a common sense approach to educational standards, student assessment, policy, and educator evaluation.

As your superintendent, I will continue to honor the foundations MAISD staff members have established. As I get to know the people in our schools, our community and the people at the ISD, I will further support, enhance, or create programs that allow all of the students in our community to be successful in their future endeavors.

Thank you for your support,

Dr. John Severson
Muskegon Area ISD Superintendent