Superintendent's Notes

Superintendent's Notes


strategic planning gets underway

Next week over 100 school staff, school board members, superintendents, parents, community leaders, and ISD staff have been asked to help kick off our strategic planning process by participating in one of seven focus panels.

The 75-minute focus panels will begin on September 29 with teachers, counselors and school leaders. Consultants Bill and Cynthia Banach will ask participants to evaluate the ISD's current performance, discuss the challenges facing local schools, and share ideas on how the ISD might help schools with these challenges. Later that same evening, local school district board of education presidents (or other board representatives) will meet as a focus panel.

Also on September 29, the ISD board, superintendent, and cabinet level administrators will review the strategic planning process and the current mission, vision, and goals. Dr. Banach will provide a brief environmental scan that touches on societal change and some of the realities that schools have to accommodate in today's environment. Then Board members will work through a process to establish board goals.

The following day focus panels of superintendents, community leaders, MAISD staff, and parents will provide more valuable input and feedback.

In early October, we will receive and review a draft of the MAISD's mission, vision, ISD goals, and board of education goals. Plans are to provide a final plan to the board on October 20, 2014. Then departments within MAISD, CTC, and Wesley School will produce goals that reinforce, enhance, and align with the MAISD mission, vision, and goals.

The final critical step in the strategic planning process will be face-to-face conversations with local school district leadership teams. These will occur over several months (starting in November) and include a great deal of conversation about specific needs and customized services.


Dr. John Severson
Muskegon Area ISD Superintendent