Staff Directory


630 Harvey Street
Muskegon, MI 49442-2309
Phone: 231-777-2637


Anderson, Michele 231-767-7200 Communications Administrative Assistant
Irey, Barb 231-767-7201 Senior Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Jackson, Pamela 231-767-7239 Web & Social Media Manager
Knowles, Karen 231-767-7245 Document Center Manager
Kukulski, Debra 231-767-7245 Production Technician
Lindquist, Randy 231-767-7229 Associate Superintendent
Schluentz, Mike 231-767-7207 Associate Superintendent for Admin Services
Severson, John 231-767-7201 Superintendent
Siedenstrang, Jessica 231-767-7245 Document Center Production Assistant
Tank, Kristin 231-767-7263 Public Information Officer
Witham, Rick 231-767-7316 Producer, Today In Education

Administrative Services

Byard, Megan 231-722-3134 College Access Specialist
Williams, Charles 231-777-2637 Custodian

Board of Education

Donovan, Kevin 231-722-4327 Board Member - Vice President
Loxterman, William 231-744-5239 Board Member - Secretary
Mills, Carol 231-893-7709 Board Member - Treasurer
Tyler, Lisa 231-780-3858 Board Member - Trustee
Vines, Dwight 231-726-5999 Board Member - President

Early Childhood

Beauvais, Rylee 231-767-7273 Head Start Services Specialist
Bonner, Connie 231-767-7269 Early On Intake Team
Chaffee, Laura 231-767-7297 Read Early Read Often Liaison
Cihak, Jennifer 231-767-7288 Early Childhood Services Specialist
Clingman-Scott, Jane 231-767-7285 Great Start Collaborative Coordinator
Deets, Stephanie 231-767-7253 Birth-to-Three Administrative Assistant
Flynn, Katie 231-767-7250 Associate Superintendent, Early Childhood Services
Frierson, Alice 231-767-8300 Head Start Administrative Assistant
Fuller, Susan 231-557-3257 Head Start Curriculum Consultant
Gramza, Tamera 231-767-7260 Birth-to-Three Services Specialist
Jones, Stuart 231-767-7272 Director of Early Childhood Services
Land, Pam 231-767-7274 Head Start Services Specialist
Lape, Andrea 231-767-7283 Head Start Registered Dietitian
Munoz, Jodi 231-767-7240 Head Start Compliance Specialist
Pulte, Wendy 231-767-7285 Early On Intake Team
Sargent, Kristi 231-767-7284 GSRP Specialist
Spoelman, Tom 231-767-7234 Head Start Transportation Specialist
Utzinger, Louanne 231-767-7256 Head Start Nurse
Vanderwest, Patty 231-767-7269 Early On Intake Team
Wood, Dawn 231-767-7219 Head Start Financial Consultant

Instructional Services

Batchelder, Lynn 231-767-7223 School Improvement & MTSS Consultant
Brown, Erin 231-767-7221 English Language Arts Consultant
Coleman, Sarah 231-767-7340 Science Consultant
Dove, Claire 231-767-7217 Departmental Administrative Assistant
Frang, Kristin 231-767-7326 Mathematics Consultant
Gale, Kristen 231-767-7318 Administrative Assistant
Harmon, Tina 231-767-7268 Special Education Curriculum Consultant
Hoppa, Alecia 231-767-7252 School Improvement & MTSS Consultant
Johnson, Erica 231-767-7337 Project Specialist
Klemm, David 231-767-7255 Social Studies & Special Projects Consultant
Kordupel, Lisa 231-767-7339 Administrative Assistant
Krebs, David 231-767-7317 Director of Instructional Services
Lindquist, Randy 231-767-7229 Associate Superintendent
Mann, Andy 231-767-7242 Instructional Technology Consultant
Moore, Stacy 231-767-7278 Administrative Assistant
Nelson, Jennifer 231-767-7333 School Climate & Culture/Health Ed Consultant
Raymond, Sephram 231-767-4373 Field Coordinator, Project BEST
Rhine, Cindy 231-767-7266 Administrative Assistant
Selby, Joel 231-767-7227 Instructional Services Project Specialist
Varga, Pam 231-767-7220 MTSS/RtI/HPS Consultant
Westerlund, Ashley 231-767-4372 Field Coordinator, Project BEST

Special Education

Augustyniak, Theresa 231-767-7277 Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant
DeLora, Shannon 231-767-7258 Transition Services Specialist
Flynn, Katie 231-767-7250 Associate Superintendent of Special Education
Fredenburg, Margo 231-767-7251 Departmental Administrative Assistant
Harmon, Tina 231-767-7268 Special Education Curriculum Consultant
Hopkins-Schrumpf, Stacie 231-767-7279 Behavioral Support Services Consultant
Hower, Corinn 231-767-7276 Assistive Technology Consultant
Jenkins, Monica 231-767-7224 Medicaid Coordinator/Project Specialist
Johnson, Latesha 231-767-7277 Administrative Assistant
Kauppila, Jim 231-767-7280 Assistive Technology Consultant
Lathrop, Stephanie 231-767-7277 Behavioral Support Services Consultant
Mahn, Pam 231-767-7225 Administrative Assistant
Mark, Jenn 231-767-7331 Consultant for the Hearing Impaired
Martin, Melissa 231-767-7246 Administrative Assistant
Metz, John 231-767-4359 Teacher Consultant for the Visually Impaired
Post, Melissa 231-767-7257 Behavioral Support/ASD Consultant
Purtee, Mary 231-767-7222 Augmentative Communication/AT Consultant
Smith-Gerdes, Carolyn 231-767-7251 Assistant Director of Special Education

Technology Services

Brown, Tim 231-767-7237 Network Systems Manager
Craig, Patrick 231-767-7232 Student Data Reporting Specialist
Fielstra, Jeff 231-767-7244 Client Support Specialist
Mann, Andy 231-767-7242 Instructional Technology Consultant
Newville, Brent 231-767-7270 Network & Operations Technician
Potts, Jeffrey 231-767-7305 PC Technician
Pranger, Chad 231-767-7281 Technology
Sleeper, Jennifer 231-767-7230 Departmental Administrative Assistant
Smith, Bill 231-767-7286 Student Information Systems Support Specialist
Spoelman, Tom 231-767-7234 PolyPlot Specialist
Sylva, Myles 231-767-7294 Network/Applications Administrator
White, Lane 231-767-7254 Director of Technology Services

Human Resources

Hayslip, Karen 231-767-7214 Human Resources Specialist
Powers, Kelly 231-767-7213 Director of Human Resources
Valliere, Janet 231-767-7271 Administrative Assistant Human Resources