Literacy - Content Areas

Literacy in the Content Areas

Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and the Technical Subjects is essential for 21st century students to be college and career ready. Reading skills include an understanding of the norms and conventions used in each discipline. Writing skills include the ability to shape writing to fit task and audience, drawing together information coherently and clearly.

The Literacy Standards for History/Social Studies, Science and the Technical Subjects are specific for grades 6-12. Standards for K-5 are integrated into the K-5 standards for reading and writing.

CCSS Documents

6-12 Literacy Standards for History/Social Studies
6-12 Literacy Standards for Science & Technical Subjects
Appendix A: Research Supporting Key Elements of the Standards
          Appendix A further explains reading standard ten Range of Reading and Text Complexity

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Curriculum Resources

 MAISD CCSS Literacy in Science Wiki


Assessment Resources (linked here)