Multiculturalism and Diversity

multicultural diversityGoals/Who We Are

As part of its Strategic Plan, the Muskegon Area ISD has set the following goal:

Provide strong leadership and develop organizational structures that address diversity and equity within the MAISD and throughout the region. 

The MAISD seeks to achieve this goal in many ways, including:

  • Assisting in curriculum development and instructional practices that encourage an understanding of cultural diversity and equity and promoting the use of curriculum materials that do the same

  • Addressing the issues of diversity and equity within professional development offerings

  • Encouraging practices that promote tolerance for others and for their beliefs

  • Promoting equitable distribution of resources within the ISD and its constituent districts

  • Exploring long-term strategies to increase minority representation among teachers and administrators

The MAISD Multicultural Committee is committed to promoting multicultural awareness and a greater understanding of diversity as one of our community's strengths. Our tasks include supporting multicultural education efforts in constituent districts and promoting multicultural understanding among MAISD staff. We recognize that the educational efforts of the ISD are only effective when ISD staff is cognizant of the diverse nature of our community.

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