Advanced & Accelerated

Advanced & Accelerated Learning

The MAISD recognizes that students who exhibit or have potential for exceptional academic achievement have learning needs beyond the mandated core curriculum. It is our intent to provide these students with enrichment, accelerated learning, and differentiated instruction.

For information on programs provided by individual school districts, please contact the following individuals:


Advanced & Accelerated Learning District Contacts

Contact Name
Fruitport Wendy Somers (231) 865-4100
Holton Jason Kennedy (231) 821-1700
Mona Shores Jen Bustard (231) 780-4751 (x 8499)
Montague Allison Hier (231) 894-9018
Muskegon Public Kristina Precious (231) 720-2015
North Muskegon Curt Babcock (231) 719-4100
Oakridge Pollie Gilchrist (231) 788-7111
Orchard View Jamie Daugherty (231) 760-1306
Ravenna John VanLoon (231) 853-2231
Reeths-Puffer Terrie Portice (231) 719-3120
Whitehall Ron Bailey (231) 893-1040



"Our intent is to help districts provide students with enrichment and differentiated instruction."

For more information contact:

David Krebs
Director, Instructional Services
Phone:  231-767-7317
Fax:  231-773-1028