Transportation Services

Administrative Services coordinates and facilitates a variety of services directed at assisting local public and parochial school districts in safely and efficiently operating their pupil transportation programs.

  • Facilitating monthly planning/problem solving meetings of all local transportation supervisors
  • Supporting a cooperative purchasing system for transportation supplies and equipment
  • Providing multi-level training for school bus drivers and supervisors
  • Managing the county-wide radio communications systems
  • Drug and alcohol testing for school bus drivers
  • Coordinating a county-wide drug and alcohol testing program for bus drivers
  • Sponsoring a team of certified commercial drivers license (CDL) examiners:
    Jim Lothschutz  231-744-5414 and Tom Spoelman  231-767-7234
  • Assisting districts in preparing and filing required state reports
  • Coordinating a multi-county computerized bus routing system known as Polyplot

In a related area, Administrative Services also manages and sponsors three state certified student driver road test examiners to assist area students in obtaining their driver's license.  Road test examiners should be contacted at the phone numbers below to schedule an appointment.

The road test sites are located at 1017 E. Wesley Avenue, Muskegon and 415 Sophia, Whitehall.


  • Jim Lothschutz  -  231-744-5414
  • Tom Spoelman -  231-767-7234
  • Mark Kutches -  231-894-9904