Career Pathways

Career Pathways

Career Pathways are broad groupings of careers that share similar characteristics and whose employment requirements call for many common interests, strengths, and competencies. Meeting the career-related needs of students requires an alignment of career opportunities in authentic work settings. Career Pathways provide a useful framework to assist students and educators in making those meaningful connections to the working world.

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Arts and Communications:
Careers related to the humanities and the performing, visual, literary, and media arts.

Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology:
Careers related to all aspects of business including accounting, business administration, finance, information processing, and marketing.

Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology:
Careers related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install, or maintain physical systems.

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Health Sciences:
areers related to the promotion of health as well as the treatment of injuries, conditions, and disease.

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Human Services:
ncludes careers in child care, civil service, education, hospitality, and the social services.

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Natural Resources and Agriscience:
areers related to natural resources, agriculture, and the environment.