Internet, Network & Security Technologies

Internet, Network and Security Technologies


Susan Rhem-Westhoff

Course Description:

Interested in earning an industry-recognized certification in networking and Cisco routing? How about becoming a certified security professional? Does creating apps for mobile devices or the next big video game sound like fun? All of this and more are offered in our Internet, Network & Security Technologies program (INST). INST offers access to state-of-the-art technology and the opportunity to achieve valuable and marketable skills–and have fun doing it! The top seven job growth areas in Michigan and the U.S. are in the information technology industry. Join us to learn the skills needed in the valuable ever-changing world of Internet, Network & Security Technologies.

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Student Quotes:

"The certification I earned in this class will help me get a job."
- INST student

"You can work at your own pace and you don't get left behind."
- INST student



Special Features of the Program:

Students prepare for industry-recognized certifications such as Cisco CCENT and Network+ and Security+ from CompTIA. Students are introduced to hardware repair and troubleshooting. A solid foundation in the use of Linux is also emphasized.

Students interested in becoming video game devlopers, programmers or mobile app developers, can learn the nuts and bolts of game programming using Python, C++, Java or DarkBasic.

Opportunities to participate in cyber security and networking competitions occur throughout the year.

Studies are related to college, university, and technical school courses in the Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems areas.

Systems analysis and problem-solving techniques are developed.

Articulated college credit is available from Baker College, Davenport University, Ferris State University, Grand Rapids Community College, and Muskegon Community College.

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