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August 25, 2016

State shouldn't close Muskegon schools, lawmakers say

Michigan's office of school reform is considering closing under-performing schools including a few in the Muskegon area, but leaders say the schools are making progress.
Lawmakers say State shouldn't close Muskegon schools

August 24, 2016

Education groups 'considering all options' to keep state from closing failing schools

Public school groups said Wednesday they're "considering all options" to keep the state from closing failing schools next year.
Education groups consider options to keep failing schools open

August 23, 2016

She embezzled $200K from Christian school. Now sentenced to jail, restitution

She took more than $200,000 from a Christian school, and will attempt to pay the money back after serving a jail sentence.
Ex-Christian school employee sentenced for $200K embezzlement

August 22, 2016

Muskegon Heights students welcomed back to school with first day 'fist bump'

The Fist bump.

It's a small gesture, but for students heading toward their first day of school at Muskegon Heights Academy, it can go a long way.
Muskegon Heights students welcomed back with 'fist bump'

August 17, 2016

State moving forward with plans to close failing schools

Public education advocates are pushing back on plans by the Michigan School Reform Office to shutter a number of failing schools next June, saying the move would be unfairly based upon results of the state's new, rigorous standardized test.
State to close failing schools