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Meet the teacher: Retirements result in $1 million
savings, large class of new teachers
There's a new class of teachers in schools this year as the result of a significant number of retirements that saved one district $1 million in personnel costs.  (see article)
More than 1,200 third grade students to attend
Muskegon County Water Festival
Water is a precious resource. Muskegon County knows that better than most.  (see article)
Public invited to conversation about peace, hundreds
of students getting the message
A message of harmony is being brought to hundreds of Muskegon County students as well as the general public by peacemaker Kit Cummings, an author known for helping at-risk youth. 
(see article)
Alleged gang ties, on tether: Muskegon High School
student with loaded gun charged with felonies
A hearing in Muskegon's family court Wednesday, Sept. 17, revealed that a 15-year-old student at Muskegon High School was on tether for a previous gun-related incident when he brought a loaded, stolen gun to school on Tuesday.  (see article)
Hearing set for teen who allegedly brought loaded,
stolen gun to Muskegon High School
A 15-year-old student of Muskegon High School who police say brought a loaded, stolen gun to school on Tuesday, Sept. 16, is expected to be charged formerly by the Muskegon County Prosecutor's Office later Wednesday.  (see article)

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