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Interested in helping to build a talent pipeline in Muskegon County? Contact one our Career Specialists for information on how your company can provide the rewarding career-awareness experiences  like Job Shadows, Internships, and the following opportunities:


Muskegon Made Job Fair banner graphicEmployers who currently have job openings that can be filled by high school graduates may sign up to participate in the MUSKEGON MADE JOB FAIR which occurs each spring. The job fair targets graduating seniors from around the county who are staying in the local area and/or are looking for long-term employment.

Classroom Speaker banner graphicServing as a guest SPEAKER in a classroom is a great way to introduce students to your career. Guest speaker presentations are arranged upon request from a school and the target audience ranges from elementary to high school.  Presentations are generally 15 minutes to one hour in duration depending on the setting.

Informational Interview banner graphicAn INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW is a meeting in which a student asks questions of an employer to gain information about a specific career or company. This is typically a half hour to one hour time commitment. The student will come prepared with questions to ask the employer. Employers are asked to share their knowledge and expertise while answering the questions.

Career Fair banner graphicA variety of industry specific CAREER FAIRS take place in Muskegon County each year. These events generally require a one-day commitment in which companies set up a display that showcases who they are and what they do. A representatitve or team from the company interact with students attending the fair. Interactive demonstrations are encouraged.

Talent Tours banner graphicA TALENT TOUR is an on-site tour of a local business or industry that brings awareness to available local careers by offering a behind-the-scenes view. Talent Tours help define the training and education requirements needed for employment. Tours are led by a business representative and can include: short presentations, question & answer opportunities or a brief hands-on experience.

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Muskegon Made is good for students, good for local employers, good for taxpayers, and good for the local economy!  It is truly schools working collaboratively with business and industry to improve the quality of life in Muskegon County.



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