Learning Objectives: 

  • Art History
  • Color Theory
  • Science
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Research
  • Public Speaking


  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Food coloring


  • Muffin tin
  • Soft brushes or foam rollers


  1. DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint
    1. 1/3 cup cornstarch
    2. 1/3 cup water
    3. 1-2 tablespoons washable paint or several drops of food coloring
    4. 6-8 plastic containers with lids or use disposable muffin tins
      various brushes and rollers
    5. In each plastic cup add 1/3 cup cornstarch to 1/3 cup water or whatever equal parts you prefer. Mix to combine.
    6. Add 1-2 tablespoons of paint or several drops of food coloring into each cup and stir until your desired color is reached.
    7. Note: The cornstarch will settle a bit as the paint sits, so give the paints a good stir.
  2. Use the open-source https://www.metmuseum.org/ to look up famous art and artists to be inspired by.
  3. Using your chalk paint, recreate the artwork using whatever colors you have!
  4. Add a fancy frame and give credit to the artist by writing their name below with the title of the art and the year it was made!
  5. Invite friends and family to view your chalk art gallery and talk a bit about what you learned from researching the art/artist!

In-progress sidewalk chalk painting of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.