Learning Objectives:

  • Students will draw on a fashion figure
  • Students will learn about the proportions of the body
  • Students will coordinate colors



  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencil, fine-tip marker, or crayons
  • Magazines for inspiration (optional)


  1. With your pencil, draw your dream party outfit. 

  2. With your color pencils (crayon or markers), gently outline and then color in. 

  3. Give your croquis a face, hair, and skin tone.

  4. Repeat - next draw your friend and what they might wear.  Create a party collection of looks!

Fashion illustration is about being able to communicate your ideas. Don’t worry if you mess up. Keep trying the more you sketch the better you’ll become.

Activity from My Fab Fashion Style File by Lesley Ware