Learning Objectives: 

  • Eating healthy snacks helps to satisfy hunger between meals and boost energy
  • Using creativity to transform objects


  • Fruit: Apple, Oranges, etc.


  • Clear space for carving on counter or cutting board
  • A small carving knife (Adult use or child with adult supervision)


  1. Buy fruit
  2. Clean and dry fruit
  3. Slice fruit into thin slices - be sure to discard the core or seeds
  4. You can use the slices as they are with the fruit's shape or carve them further to make interesting shapes
  5. Arrange the pieces to create a figure on your plate
  6. Enjoy your artwork - take a picture to capture your artwork then have it as a snack!
  7. Clean up any mess and wash your hands

You can also watch this YouTube video to see an example. (The video has no captions or speaking, but the steps have been captured above.)