Photo credit: Natalia Wilson (moonrat on Flickr)

Learning Objectives: 

  • Creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and writing to describe your thinking processes.


  • At least 7 different junk or recyclable items. (It would be more challenging to have someone else pick them out for you
  • Various adhesives and fasteners such as tape, wire, brads, and glue
  • Notecard, paper, and pen or pencil
  • Paints or other decorative material


  • Your amazing brain
  • Any tools that could help you assemble your sculpture that your parents will allow you to use or help you use
  • Newspapers, drop cloth, or other covering to protect your workspace


  1. Cover your workspace.
  2. Gather your junk. (Make sure it is junk, and not something somebody wants to keep.)
  3. Look at what you have and make a plan for how to use it, what to build, and how to hold it all together.
  4. Make a blueprint by sketching, labeling and writing directions for creating your sculpture.
  5. Gather your adhesives and tools.
  6. Create your sculpture.
  7. Name it and write your statement about what you used, what it is, and your inspiration for it.
  8. Display it proudly for all to enjoy.