Learning Objectives: 

  • Students will begin to develop their own creative process
  • Students will learn to find inspiration from everyday objects 


  • Cardboard 
  • Torn-out pictures (from magazines) or photos 
  • Stickers, leaves, fabric, glitter and other materials from the dollar store (optional) 


  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick 


  1. Colors: Get started by thinking of a color you like to wear. Look everywhere for inspiration to add to your board, from photos to buttons. Use as many different shades of your color as you can find. 
  2. Theme: Select a theme. A theme connects images together. It could be a set of objects such as “cute kittens,” or a feeling such as “joy”. Make a mood board with a theme that sends a message about your sense of style. 
  3. Bring it together: Once you have your objects and theme, start to paste them on your cardboard or pin into a quark board. This is a great way to find your voice as an artist!


  • Keep an eye out for things that remind you of your mood board color theme. Collect them over a week or so. 
  • Ask for a few fabric swatches the next time you are at Joann’s or another fabric store. Swatches are small pieces of fabric that stores usually give out for free. 
  • Tear out inspirational quotes from magazines to include in your mood board.

Activity from "How to Be a Fashion Designer" by Lesley Ware