Learning Objectives: 

  • Students will have an opportunity to learn about the person whose quote they decide to use on their tote 
  • Students will gain experience using stenciling techniques and adding other media to create a usable object


  • Blank canvas tote bag (you can buy from the dollar store, Meijer, or Walmart)
  • Cardboard 
  • Patches, fabric scraps, buttons (Optional)


  • Stencils (one inch or larger) 
  • Permanent Marker or Fabric Markers 
  • Dull Pencil 
  • Ruler or Masking Tape (to create a straight edge)


  1. Pick out your quote OR create your own.
    • If you’re creating your own you might want to ask an adult to check it for spelling and grammar.
    • If you are selecting a quote you can usually search Google for “quotes by _________”.
    • Feel free to search for quotes from your favorite author, musician, or actor.
  2. Plan out your tote. Draw a diagram of how you’d like your tote to look.  
  3. Tape it off or use your ruler. Mark the center lines so you know how everything needs to be lined up. 
  4. Stencil it in! Use your pencil (make sure it is dull) to outline each letter of your quote.
  5. Once you’ve outlined it, place your cardboard inside the bag (to prevent marker bleeding to the other side) and gently color in each of the letters until you’re done.

Carry on!


Here’s are a few popular places to help you get started with finding the perfect quote: 

From "101 Ways to Love Your Style" by Lesley Ware (August 2020)