Learning Objectives: 

  • Healthy food choices
  • Nutrition
  • Describing and tasting whole-grain products


  • Pieces of bread/crackers/cereals
  • Paper plates, cups for water
  • Ingredient labels from breads or other foods
  • Spread (butter, margarine, peanut butter, or jelly) (optional)


  • Clear, clean surface
  • Tongs or spoons
  • Kitchen or area with tables. Be sure to clean and sanitize surfaces first. All kids (parents and children) should wash their hands before this activity.


  1. Wash your hands
  2. Prepare bowls or plates with four to eight food items to sample. You may wish to select all cereals, all crackers or breads, or a combination.
  3. Provide cups of water. Drinking water between samples is important to be able to taste the differences among samples.
  4. Have tongs or spoons available with each serving container. Place a number by or on each serving container. Provide paper plates, and have children “number” the area on the plate next to the samples they select.
  5. Rate each sample on a scale of four (ex: Love It!, Like It, It's OK, and Dislike It)
  6. After rating samples, reveal what the products were.
  7. Discuss which items were made from whole grains.
  8. Look at food packages together and show where the Nutrition Facts panel and ingredient label are located.
  9. Look for whole-grain ingredients on packages. Whole grains often have whole wheat, whole-grain oats or oatmeal listed first. Some carry a health claim.