Learning Objectives: 

  • Eating vegetables helps everyone stay healthy.
  • Exercising with your family promotes a safe and happy environment


  • Vegetables


  • Safe environment outside or open space inside


Kids should start out by standing or sitting in a circle. One player will not have a spot and will be in the center.

  1. The teacher/leader will walk around the circle and “label” each participant with a vegetable name. At least two people should be labeled with each vegetable; for example, label three as a “green bean.” (Alternatively, you can have the children draw their vegetable names out of a hat.)
  2. The player in the center will call out the names of the vegetables.
  3. When the people labeled with that vegetable are called, they must rush to another spot in the circle. The player in the center attempts to “steal” a spot along the circle.
  4. Whoever doesn’t have a spot then will be in the center and that person calls out the next vegetable.
  5. The center player may call out “Tossed Salad!” once while in the center and everyone must switch spots.