Parent Consent

Parent Consent

Schools are required to obtain consent from parents whose children receive Special Education Services and are eligible for Medicaid before submitting any school-based service claims. 

Parent consent means:

  • That the parent has been informed about the Medicaid School Based Services Program.
  • That the parent has given permission for schools to submit claims based on their child's school records Medicaid and claiming agencies.
  • That the parent understands their consent is voluntary and can be revoked.

More information and answers to common questions about the Medicaid School Based Services Program are included in the information sheet

Medicaid Parental Consent Annual Notification is provided to families via the Special Education Parent Handbook and Procedural Safeguards.


For more information or to apply for Medicaid, please contact the Muskegon County Department of Human Services Office.

Monica Jenkins
Medicaid Coordinator/Project Specialist