WINGS at Home

WINGS is a Muskegon Area ISD and Muskegon Community College (MCC) co-sponsored program that provides in-depth summer study experiences for students in 1st through 6th grades who show exceptional interest and/or talent in focused subjects. Activities are designed for passionate learners, curious minds, and “outside-of-the-box” thinkers.

Meet our Instructors

Class Subject
Career Focus
Tools & Materials
Young child practicing American Sign LanguageAnimals and Colors in American Sign Language
Career Focus:GeneralClass Subject:LanguageCost:FreeGrade:1st 2nd3rd4th5thInstructor:Stephanie KazanasLocation:IndoorsOnlineTools & Materials:Laptop or tablet

Learn the signs for animals and colors in American Sign Language and practice them with a friend.

Create a Birthday Card with Microsoft Word
Career Focus:GeneralClass Subject:Computers & SoftwareCost:FreeGrade:2nd3rd4th5thInstructor:Alisha WoodmanLocation:IndoorsOnlineTools & Materials:Cell phoneLaptop or tablet

Greeting Cards are a great way for kids to explore their ability to create on a computer.

Escape Room “Godzilla”
Career Focus:GeneralClass Subject:ELA & LiteracyCost:FreeGrade:4th5th6thInstructor:Shaylie LaPresLocation:IndoorsOnlineTools & Materials:Laptop or tablet

Can you escape Godzilla before he crashes through your hometown? Answer the questions correctly to stop the beast and save everyone!

Fantastical Plant Creatures
Career Focus:GeneralClass Subject:ArtCost:FreeGrade:1st 2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8thInstructor:Danielle Benson-FennellLocation:OutdoorsTools & Materials:GlueScissors

Take a walk in your backyard, or in a nearby park where you can find some interesting plants, seeds, pebbles, weeds, sticks and other natural items (not your neighbor's flowers!) Create a whimsical, fantastical insect or any other animal with your finds. You can create something that already exists, or do a mash-up! Be inspired by the Canadian artist Raku Inoue.

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