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TS Gold Child Assessment - Selected Kindergarten Readiness Indicators for 4-Year-Olds Enrolled in State or Federally Funded Preschool


End of 2017-18 School Year

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A child identifies & names letters
(TSG 16a)

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A child is persistent in his/her tasks
(TSG 11b)

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A child connects numerals & quantities
(TSG 20c)

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A child uses an expanding  vocabulary
(TSG 9a)


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A child recognizes, expresses, and
manages emotions in a positive manner
(TSG 1a)
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A child uses sound-letter
knowledge (TSG 16b)
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A child forms healthy and secure
relationships with peers and adults
(TSG 2a)


Preschool Statistics

Number of 4-Year Olds in Muskegon County: 2,084
Source: 2014 Michigan Department of Community Health Vital Statistics, Birth Data

Muskegon County 4-Year Olds Enrolled in Preschool: 56.0%
Source: Muskegon Area ISD

Muskegon County 3- and 4-Year Olds Enrolled in Preschool: 46.1%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau ACS 2016 Survey Data

Preschool Enrollment 2017-18
Program/Provider Number Funding Source
Head Start 560 Federally Funded (2017-18)
Great Start Readiness Program 716 State Funded (2017-18)
Private Providers 279 Tuition Based
No Known Preschool Experience 529 N/A
Total 2,084 N/A


Preschool Enrollment Comparison
Region Percentage
USA 49.3%
Michigan 47.3%
Jackson County 42.6%
Genesee County 43.8%
Kalamazoo County 46.1%
Muskegon County 46.1%



Determining whether or not a child is ready for kindergarten cannot be measured by a single indicator. 

To meet the need for a "whole-child" assessment, nationally recognized domains have been established.

They include:

1. Approach to Learning
2. Language Development
     & Early Literacy
3. Cognitive Skills
    (Math, Science, etc.)
4. Social Emotional
5. Physical Development

To learn more, see 'A Parent's Guide: Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten' at



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