MCVA is a full-time virtual program and, as of now, does not enroll part-time students. This means that, as a general rule, MCVA students should complete their elective classes virtually.

However, MCVA will work with the local school district to make accommodations to this general rule when necessary. For example, MCVA would coordinate with the local district if a student wanted to take band in-person and if that decision was supported by the local district.

Students should have the skills to be successful in an online program. Students should be able to:

  • Create and maintain a study schedule without face-to-face interaction of a teacher.
  • Self-advocate to seek help with a virtual setting.
  • Independently use study habits needed to complete an entire course online without direct supervision.
  • Read, write, and use math and computer literacy skills to succeed in a class that is completely online.

MCVA understands that the list above can be a challenging list for K-12 students. School districts should consider this list a general guidance, not a hard line, in making enrollment decisions. A student who needs to grow in one or two of the areas above may still be a candidate for MCVA. However, a student who is far from mastery in all of the categories may not be ready for a fully virtual learning environment.

MCVA will defer to local districts on these matters. We anticipate that most local districts will allow participation in extracurriculars and commencement since the local districts remain the primary education providing entity. However, we will direct any parent or student questions on these matters back to the local districts.

Each member district will retain for its own students the cumulative student record, residency, enrollment, course scheduling, attendance/participation, special education, discipline, and any other records required to be maintained.

Students must adhere to the local district code of conduct as well as that of the MCVA.

Students participating in MCVA must complete the academic semester with MCVA. Students may choose to return to in-person instruction at their school district, with parent/guardian and school district approval, at the start of the next academic semester.