Place, Project, and Problem Based Learning

(Place, Project & Place-Based Education

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Project-Based Learning

STEM PBL Academy

Project-based learning provides an opportunity for real world connections to be made and contexts explored within the four disciplines of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

Student projects pose important questions for them to think about and inquiries to explore. Technology is used in a range of ways to enhance and promote student learning and deepen understanding. Opportunities for reflection, feedback, and modifications are provided through various stages in the project.

Students engage in critical and creative thinking as they solve the problem presented. Teachers play a crucial role in framing questions and guiding students to think and frame their thoughts and devise possible solutions as they work mathematically, scientifically and technologically to solve problems which present themselves.

Placed-Based Education

West Michigan GLSI

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative is a unique model that uses place-based education to connect schools with their communities to create learning experiences for students that have lasting impacts on the environment.

Through regional hubs, teachers receive professional development to better facilitate inquiry-based learning and problem solving. Collaboration between schools and communities provides students with the opportunity to address local environmental issues.

The resulting vibrant, hands-on learning experiences are designed to increase student achievement and help young Michigan residents become lifelong advocates for the Great Lakes.