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What is "Read Early. Read Often."?

Read Early. Read Often. is a countywide effort to urge parents, siblings, grand parents and community members to read to infants and toddlers. Reading every day, everything, everywhere will lead to success in school and in life. Business, agency, education, library, media, faith, medical, government, and community partners have come together to spread the word. Join our campaign!  (See VIDEO)

Read Early. Read Often. Strategic Doing Results Report
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Read early and often to all children, no matter how young -- it matters to our whole community
It's time to get behind public education; no better way than 'Read Early' initiative
MLive Editorial - Peg West, Muskegon Chronicle Editor

Muskegon County Business Owners: Help Us Spread the Message to Your Employees to
Read Early & Often, Every Day, Everything, Everywhere

Flyer - Muskegon County Business Owners

The 'Read Early. Read Often' message is spreading, and coming to a onesie near you
MLive Editorial - Peg West, Muskegon Chronicle Editor

'Reading early, reading often' to your children is a treasured experience for life
MLive Article - Clayton Hardiman, Muskegon Chronicle Columnist

What a deal: Library book sale Saturday helps parents 'read early, read often'
MLive Article - Lynn Moore, Muskegon Chronicle Education Reporter

Read early factoid with parents, young child, and baby reading

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