Pupil Accounting

Administrative Services assists local school districts in preparing for the biannual pupil accounting process. It is this process which ultimately determines the amount of State Aid a district will receive for its educational operations. Staff will:

  • Provide consultation services to districts in matters of pupil accounting law and rules
  • Provide annual training for district staff
  • Supply districts with necessary data, forms, and instructions
  • Conduct formal audits of the pupil accounting results in the fall and in the spring
  • Maintain records of audited student counts from year-to-year to provide the community with accurate information regarding its local school populations

Spring Supplemental Count - February 8, 2017

Mar. 15, 2017:  MSDS Spring Submission Due to CEPI

Mar. 22, 2017:  Spring Audit Materials Due to ISD

Mar. 22, 2017:  MSDS Spring Certification Due to CEPI