630 Harvey Street
Muskegon, MI 49442-2309
Phone: 231-777-2637

Special Education

Name Building Position Phone
Sandy DeJonge MAISD North Support Services 231-767-7278
Jessica Domingues MAISD North Director of Nontraditional Programs 231-767-7248
Stephanie Dye MAISD North Behavioral Support Services Consultant 231-767-7277
Katie Flynn MAISD North Associate Superintendent of Special Education 231-767-7250
Margo Fredenburg MAISD North Departmental Administrative Assistant 231-767-7251
Stacie Hopkins-Schrumpf MAISD North Behavioral Support Services Consultant 231-767-7279
Corinn Hower MAISD North Assistive Technology Consultant 231-767-7276
Monica Jenkins MAISD North Medicaid Coordinator/Project Specialist 231-767-7224
Latesha Johnson MAISD North Project Specialist 231-767-7277
Jim Kauppila MAISD North Assistive Technology Consultant 231-767-7280
Jenn Mark MAISD North Consultant for the Hearing Impaired 231-767-7331
Melissa Martin MAISD North Support Services 231-767-7246
John Metz MAISD North Teacher Consultant for the Visually Impaired 231-767-4359
Megan Perreault MAISD North Curriculum Consultant 231-767-7268
Melissa Post MAISD North Behavioral Support/ASD Consultant 231-767-7257
Mary Purtee MAISD North Augmentative Communication/AT Consultant 231-767-7222
Cindy Rhine MAISD North Support Services 231-767-7266
Carolyn Smith-Gerdes MAISD North Assistant Director of Special Education 231-767-7251
Vacant Vacant MAISD North Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant 231-767-7277