What is the CTC?

The Career Tech Center (CTC) in Muskegon opened in January 2005 to serve high school juniors and seniors throughout the Muskegon Area. This 73,000 square foot world class training center is the area’s leader in hands on learning through experiential learning and innovative programming. The state of the art facility empowers students for their future with passionate knowledgeable staff and a future-driven environment.

Career Tech Center students are equipped to excel through real-world learning, an emphasis on career readiness, and the lifelong network they build with CTC staff and industry professionals. The center’s 17 career-prep programs enable students to accelerate their future careers by offering academic credit, such as English and math, professional certifications, and free college credit.

Classes are free, take place during the normal school day, and last 2.5 hours. Interested students should speak to their high school counselor about enrollment. Prior to enrollment, students are encouraged to complete extensive career exploration and assessment activities, such as Xello, to determine their career goals, interests, and abilities. This helps match students with programs that will provide them the greatest chance for success.

For questions, or to schedule a visit, call 231-767-3613 or email ctc-info@muskegonisd.org.  You may also see our brochure for details on our programs.

Did You Know?

We offer credit opportunities for graduation and college!

Academic Credit:

CTC classes that align with current MME graduation requirements

College Credit Opportunities:

Find out about the many opportunities for FREE college credit at the CTC.


Our CTC has 17 Career Programs:

15 School Districts
17 Program Areas
19 Years in Operation
32 Educators
844 Students