Career Specialists

The Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) Career Specialists serve local K-12 students by providing age appropriate career development opportunities. This process consists of three stages– awareness, exploration, and preparation.

These broad categories or “zones” help students identify general career direction based on their interests and skills at an early age.

To learn more about career development efforts, and to begin the career development process with your students, contact the MAISD Career Specialist for your grade levels.

Career Specialists by grade level

Michelle Kuck– Grades K-5

Benika Longmire– Grades K-5/Alternative Programming

Diane Petersen– Grades 6-8

Stephen Pettifor– Grades 9-12

Michelle Kuck
Career Specialist
Benika Longmire
Career Specialist
Diane Petersen
Career Specialist
Stephen Pettifor
Career Specialist
15 School Districts
16 Program Areas
16 Years in Operation
31 Educators
839 Students