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Who is Eligible for The PROMISE?

Tuition free PROMISE scholarships are available to students attending the following 16 high schools:

Calvary Christian
Mona Shores
Montague Area
Muskegon Catholic Central
Muskegon Covenant Academy
Muskegon Heights Public School Academy
North Muskegon
Orchard View
Western Michigan Christian

The Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) is committed to serving all students who reside within the MAISD service area. We welcome homeschool student participation in countywide programs and services like the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center and the Muskegon Area Promise.

To register your student, or for additional information regarding Promise eligibility requirements for homeschool graduates, please link to our form below.



What Do You Need To Do?

House IconLIVE within the boundaries of the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District.

Graduation Cap IconGRADUATE with a qualifying GPA from one of the 16 eligible high schools. Homeschool graduates may qualify by completing a MAISD Registration.

Dollar Sign IconAPPLY for student aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and complete the verification process as requested each year (

Laptop IconENROLL at either Muskegon Community College or Baker College of Muskegon.

No scholarship application is needed for the Promise award. Graduates will be notified with a letter of eligibility.  

Each year, PROMISE scholars must accept the award by completing and returning the online form on or BEFORE July 1.

Students must successfully complete their coursework to maintain eligibility. Each college’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policies apply.

Click to accept your award


Why do YOU need to further YOUR education?

In the past, the West Michigan job market offered a good living without college or even a full high school education. Today we live in a globally-oriented, knowledge-driven world where the majority of job postings require a certificate, an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.*

By 2025, this number is projected to rise to 64%.**

Of Muskegon’s current workforce, only 39% have these types of post high school degrees.***

This is where the Muskegon Area Promise comes in.

* W.E. Upjohn Institute 2014, **TalentFirst, ***Stronger Nation 2022

How Does The PROMISE Work?  

Scholarships will fund either a certificate program, a two-year associate degree or the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at Muskegon Community College or Baker College of Muskegon. The PROMISE provides the financial assistance necessary to obtain a two-year degree or its equivalent when used in conjunction with federal, state and institutional grants.

Students are encouraged to apply for all scholarship opportunities available to them. Other scholarships and grants will be awarded first before the PROMISE Scholarship is awarded. Some restrictions may apply.

The PROMISE covers tuition (valued at the current Muskegon Community College rate) and mandatory fees.

Students will have a maximum of four years from high school graduation to use their PROMISE Scholarship award. Based on any revised financial aid information, the amount of the PROMISE Scholarship may be adjusted each year.

See Scholarship Terms at a Glance

Muskegon Area Promise Development Plan

Development Plan - September 2015
Development Plan - as amended March 2016
Development Plan - as amended April 2020
Development Plan - as amended February 2023
Development Plan - as amended March 2024



Muskegon Area Promise Zone Authority Members

Member Name Organization Represented
Aaron Maike Baker College of Muskegon
Holly Hughes Community Representative
Cindy Larsen Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce
Randy Lindquist Muskegon Area Intermediate School District
Gary Nelund State Farm Insurance
John Selmon Muskegon Community College
Steve Parker LongView Management Consulting
Laurel Zwit Greenridge Realty
Christopher Dean Muskegon Heights Fire Department
Keith Guy Muskegon Public Schools
Megan Byard Karaba Muskegon Opportunity/Promise Zone Coordinator

Muskegon Area Promise Zone Meeting Dates & Minutes

2023-24 Meeting Schedule

07/11/23 - Agenda; Minutes
08/08/23 - CANCELLED
09/12/23 - Agenda; Minutes
10/10/23 - Agenda; Minutes
11/14/23 - Agenda; Minutes
12/12/23 - Agenda; Minutes
01/09/24 - Agenda; Minutes
02/13/24 - AgendaMinutes
03/12/24 - CANCELLED
03/22/24 - Special Meeting - Agenda; Minutes
04/09/24 - Agenda; Minutes
05/14/24 - Agenda; Minutes
06/11/24 - Agenda; Minutes

2023 - Meeting Schedule 

01/10/23 - Agenda; Minutes
02/14/23 - Agenda; Minutes
03/14/23 - Agenda; Minutes
04/11/23 - Agenda; Minutes
05/09/23 - Agenda; Minutes
06/13/23 - Agenda; Minutes

2022 - Meeting Schedule

01/18/22 - Cancelled
01/21/22 Retreat & January Meeting - Agenda; Minutes
02/15/22 - Agenda; Minutes
03/15/22 - Agenda; Minutes
04/19/22 - Agenda; Minutes
05/17/22 - Agenda; Minutes
06/21/22 - Agenda; Minutes
07/12/22 - Agenda; Minutes
08/09/22 - Agenda; Minutes
09/13/22 - Agenda; Minutes
10/11/22 - Agenda; Minutes
11/08/22 - Agenda; Minutes
12/13/22 - Agenda; Minutes
12/22/22 - Special Meeting Notice; Agenda; Minutes

2021 - Previous Years' Minutes may be obtained by contacting the superintendent's office at 231-767-7201 or by email request to Barbara Irey.



Making the PROMISE possible

Thank you to all of our donors for making this journey of tuition free scholarships a reality! Our PROMISE is financially supported through commitment by pillar organizations, area business, higher education partners, state treasury and more. Every gift has made a difference, and every experience builds talent!

Muskegon Area Promise Funders

For more information contact:

Megan Byard-Karaba, College Access Specialist

Lindsay Pulsipher, College Access Adviser 

15 School Districts
16 Program Areas
19 Years in Operation
32 Educators
844 Students