A Hospitality & Tourism student slicing beets.

Hospitality & Tourism students "beet" the drum for beets

Hospitality & Tourism (H&T) students have been “beeting” themselves up to come up with the best beet recipes for their fall food tasting. Each season, H&T students focus on a Michigan-grown produce item and develop recipes featuring that food. The top two recipes are later featured in a tasting at all Montague and Whitehall schools, as well as the Career Tech Center. This project supports Cultivate Michigan, a campaign to help ramp up Farm to Institution programs.

After sampling over 60 of their peer’s recipes, H&T students selected Makayla's Beet Soup, made by Makayla Rehkopf (Oakridge), and Kain's Beet Slaw by Kain Rosales (Montague).

Tastings will take place at all Montague schools on Wednesday, November 14, and Whitehall schools on Thursday, November 15.


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Listen as H&T Instructor Elissa Penczar and two H&T students talk about student engagement in a local, healthier food system on WGVU with Shelley Irwin.

Visit the Hospitality & Tourism webpage for more details on the program.


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