Who We Serve

  • Direct service to student or students
  • Individual or group of classroom teachers (grade level, department, etc.)
  • School building or district administrator
  • School building or district leadership team
  • Entire school building or district

What We Do

MAISD science consulting supports teachers in enacting high-quality science experiences, curriculum, and assessment. Services include constructing instructional visions, curriculum adoption support, professional development, science course pathway support and compliance, and classroom coaching.

Examples of Service

  • One-on-one lesson coaching
  • Regular support for teams of teachers during early release or late start around a specific learning pathway or instructional practice
  • Curriculum adoption from curation to implementation
  • Equipment Checkout

  We strive to:

  • Delivering high-quality, aligned science instruction to all students K-12
  • Serve leaders and science teachers with the goal of increasing student proficiency



How We Serve

  • Facilitation of a meeting
  • Providing or leading training on a specific topic
  • Observation in a classroom
  • Modeling instructional practices in the classroom
  • Working directly with students
  • Working directly with administrators or building leadership teams
  • Offering content expertise at a meeting
  • Planning with a teacher(s)
  • Analyzing data with a teacher(s) or leadership team
  • Instructional coaching and feedback
  • Coordinating an event, activity, or collaboration
  • One-on-one consultation - phone, e-mail, in-person
  • Service can be adapted and arranged to meet the unique needs of each district or building team

Logo for Professional Development
We offer a variety of professional development on topics for administrators, teachers, support staff and more! Click the icon to the left to view our course catalog! 

Networks Supported

  • Modeling Instruction
  • Mi-Star - Program
  • REAL Science
  • Family Engineering

Logo for Help
Additional resources are provided via email request.  To make a request via email, please use the HELP button to the left.