Improving Education Results for Children with Disabilities Chart

The Special Education Department of the Muskegon Area ISD serves as source of programs, services and staff with specialized expertise, all focused on supporting Muskegon County Schools in improving educational results for children and youth with disabilities.

Improving educational results and outcomes for children and youth with disabilities requires ensuring parent involvement, supporting skilled staff members in providing specialized instruction and following the compliance requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education (MARSE).  The Muskegon Area ISD promotes engaging children and youth with disabilities in their learning so they can realize the outcomes of equality of opportunity and full participation in society, including independent living and economic self-sufficiency.

Special education is specially designed instruction, provided at no cost to the parent, which addresses the unique needs of children and youth who are eligible to receive special education services. 

When a child is eligible for special education, the child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team, which includes the parent, develops an IEP that includes special education services.

Special education services are designed to meet the child’s learning needs and help the child make progress in the general education curriculum. 

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Congress finds the following:

Disability is a natural part of the human experience and in no way diminishes the right of individuals to participate in or contribute to society.

Improving educational results for children with disabilities is an essential element of our national policy of ensuring equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living and economic self-sufficiency for individuals with disabilities.

Have questions about Special Education programs and services?

For more information about special education, contact your school’s special education office or the MAISD Special Education Department.


MAISD Special Education Resources

  • The MAISD Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) is composed of parents or guardians of children and youth with disabilities.  The SEPAC promotes partnerships, communication and cooperation among parents, students, school districts and the MAISD. 
  • MAISD special educators work closely with families in planning and providing services to infants and toddlers with disabilities.
  • MAISD teacher consultants provide services to students who are deaf and hard of hearing or who have visual impairments.
  • MAISD special education consultants and coaches support local district educators with children and youth who have learning needs in academic as well as social-emotional areas.
  • MAISD programs educate children and youth with significant cognitive and social-emotional needs.
  • MAISD special education administrators are available to answer questions and help with resolving special education concerns.

Special Education Department Contacts