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The school improvement process is important for increasing teacher capacity and student outcomes. In order to make the school improvement process meaningful, districts must align systems to collect and analyze multiple sources of data, write an actionable plan, and understand how to monitor implementation and evaluate outcomes.  MAISD serves to support school improvement by:

Intended Outcomes of Service:Logo for Student Support Instructional Visions

  • Collaboratively writing and updating an annual comprehensive needs assessment
  • Linking identified needs to the school and district improvement plan
  • Aligning the school improvement plans to the district improvement plan
  • Aligning the district improvement plan to the consolidated application

Examples of Service:

  • Analyzing local or state assessment data, writing data narratives, and identifying strengths and challenges.Logo for Help
  • Using data narratives and identified strengths and challenges to create a comprehensive needs assessment. The comprehensive needs assessment would be used to create a school or district improvement plan.
  • Assisting a district with setting up the structures necessary to collect data, create a comprehensive needs assessment and a school or district improvement plan. These structures would include the formation of collaborative school and district teams and the establishment of data systems.

Intended Audiences:

  • District or school building administrator
  • District or school building leadership team

Delivery Methods:

  • One on one consultation
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Providing/leading a training or workshop
  • Working directly with building/district leaders/leadership teams
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Forming recommendations/action plans
  • Coordinating events, activities, or collaborations

*Often, our services can be adapted to meet the unique needs of those being served

Networks Supported:

  • Title 1 Coordinators
  • Elementary Principals
  • Secondary Principals



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"How can our district implement measures for school improvement?"

Contact Information:

Dave Hundt
School Improvement and State & Federal Programs Consultant
Phone:  231-767-7265
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Deanna Holman
Regional Assistance Grant Coordinator
Phone:  231-767-4302
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