Instructional Tech / REMC4

Instructional Technology/ REMC4

What We Do

We strive to help schools effectively use technology resources as a seamless part of the learning process. As a result, teachers will save time and improve communication.

Who We Serve

We support educators and students to effectively integrate local and state technology resources to improve instruction and learning.

  • Direct service to student(s)
  • Individual or group of classroom teacher (grade level, department, etc.)
  • Non-teacher support staff
  • School building or district administrator
  • School building or district leadership team
  • Entire school building, entire district, community



Examples of Service

  • Model teach a class to help students use Google Sites to create a website and a digital portfolio
  • Provide robots and training to support teaching students to code
  • Design customized Google Form to document student behavior
  • Incorporate technology in a classroom  Logo for Technology Instructional Visions1) learn objectives to be met, 2) train the teacher to use new tools with input from other educators in the same field of instruction who have used them successfully, 3) model teach a lesson, 4) coach the teacher while they teach a lesson, and 5) schedule a follow up discussion to assure success, answer questions and introduce advanced-level technology
  • Meet with a school leadership team to 1) create a survey for staff assess their technology integration needs, 2) analyze survey results and set priorities. 3) create a learning plan to address their priorities. Provide options for teachers who prefer to meet 1:1 and those who prefer to learn in a group 4) meet with teachers 1:1 and lead monthly professional development workshops 5) assess the learning and future needs using a survey.
  • Assist school leaders in their purchasing decisions using REMC SAVE cooperative purchase programs for items such as Chromebooks, or content filtering.  Manage the aggregate purchase process and provide support and training for programs including Discovery Education and School Public Performance Movie licenses.  

Scenes from Our Workshops

3D Printer Academy
Immersive Virtual Reality
Teaching Coding
MAISD Technology Teachers Group Meeting
3D Printer Academy
Teaching Coding
MAISD Technology Teachers Group Meeting

How We Serve

  • Facilitation of a meeting (more than 1 other person)
  • Provide or lead training on a specific topic (conduct a workshop)
  • Model instructional practices in the classroom
  • Work directly with students (instruction/facilitation)
  • Work directly with administrators or building leadership teams
  • Serve as an attendee (content expert) at a meeting (not facilitating)
  • Plan with a administrators and teacher/s (1-1 or group)
  • Analyze data with a teacher(s) or leadership team (1-1 or group)
  • Advise/recommend a purchase or course of action
  • Coordinate an event, activity, or collaboration
  • Represent a district or specific user to solve a problem with a vendor, or find a solution
  • Regional Education Media Center - REMC 4 (REMC Association of Michigan)
  • Manage devices and the checkout/return process and training for items borrowed from the MAISD/REMC 4 Discovery Center.  

Logo for Professional Development
We offer a variety of professional development on topics for administrators, teachers, support staff and more! Click the icon to the left to view our course catalog!  

Networks Supported

  • MAISD Technology Teachers Group:  This regional group (composed primarily of technology teachers, coaches, and instructional technology staff) meets for a full day, four times per year.  There is no cost to attend meetings and membership is open to any MAISD or REMC 4 educator that supports the use of technology resources to improve teaching and learning. Guest presenters are often invited to share new tools, with time set aside to learn and share ideas. 
  • REMC 4 Advisory Council (Librarians/Media Specialists):  The REMC 4 Media Specialist regional group (most often composed of school librarians, media specialists, media center clerks or aides) meets for a full day, three times per year. There is no cost to attend meetings and membership is open to any MAISD or REMC 4 educator that supports their school library or media center. Guest presenters are regularly invited to share helpful suggestions. Each meeting allows time for sharing resources, ideas, and solutions.
  • MAISD Technology Coordinators
  • MAISD Curriculum Coordinators

Additional resources are provided via email request.  To make a request via email, please use the HELP button to the left.