For Wesley Parents


Michigan has adopted the Common Core State Standards as benchmarks in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. Essential Elements to the Common Core State Standards are extensions of the standards to an appropriate level for students at Wesley School. 


Several organizations provide wonderful opportunities for current and former Wesley students to participate in community events.   Special Olympics, Waves, and No More Sidelines are organizations that  provide athletic and volunteer opportunities for students with disabilities.  Please contact the following individuals for more information or if you would like to get your son/daughter involved. 

Muskegon Waves:

Muskegon Waves is an adapted sports team, consisting of local Muskegon athletes who participate in the statewide Michigan Victory Games.

Participants range in age from 7 through adult with physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke and various other physical disabilities.

For more information, please contact Katie Ellis, 231-767-4307 and Lisa Pierce, 231-767-4336.

For more information about Michigan Victory Games, visit the Michigan Victory Games website.

No More Sidelines:

No More Sidelines is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers, committed to helping children and young adults with special needs in our community. Participants with special needs, ages seven and older, are provided the opportunity to play sports year round and to participate in community events and outings.

For more information, please visit the No More Sidelines website.

Special Olympics (Area 12):

Special Olympics Michigan provides year-round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

For more information, please visit the Special Olympics website for Area 12




Wesley School qualifies to utilize the Community Eligibility Provision program during the 2022/2023 school year. The Community Eligibility Provision allows EVERY student at Wesley School to receive FREE breakfast AND lunch! There are no income limitations to be eligible. However, all families will be required to fill out a Household Information Survey to assist the district in documenting its eligibility for various state and federal grants. This form has been sent home with your student. If you need another copy, please let your teacher know. If you prefer, you may complete the Household Information Survey online at


Wesley School is committed to ensuring that all of our students start the day with a healthy breakfast. We know that morning routines can be hectic and kids aren't always hungry when they wake up and that is exactly why breakfast is provided to students after the start of the school day in the classrooms. Students have the opportunity, after arrival, to eat breakfast with their classmates and get the fuel they need to be ready to learn and engage.

For questions, please contact:  Dustin Marshall, Director of Dining 231-767-4344



Did you know you could place your book order online? Check out the Scholastic Reading Club. A few helpful hints:  The Wesley School code is GXGK8.  If you plan to set up an online account, and would like your orders tracked by our library team, please enter the student first name, last initial, and classroom number.  


Wesley School follows county truancy regulations related to student attendance. View the Muskegon County Truancy Guide

Act 451 of 1976; 380.1561 Revised Jan. 4, 2010.  Compulsory attendance at public school; enrollment dates; exceptions.

Act 451 of 1976; 380.1599  Noncompliance of parent as misdemeanor; penalty