Deaf & Hard of Hearing - RP

Who We Are

We are an MAISD Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) Program housed out of Reeths-Puffer Schools.  We have partnered with local school districts around the county to create language rich classrooms for students with varying degrees of hearing levels and language preferences.

Our Mission

The mission of our D/HH Program is to provide specialized instruction that will help facilitate and grow students for lifelong learning and success through fostering positive self-esteem, confidence, and resilience.  Within our D/HH classrooms, students will have access to general education curriculum while receiving individualized programming and services to meet academic, social/emotional, and language needs.


McMillan Early Childhood Center

Our Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) D/HH Classroom is located alongside Reeths-Puffer’s ECSE classrooms and White Lake Area Community Education (WLACE)’s Lighthouse Learning, Great Start Readiness Program, and Head Start Programs. Students ages 2.5-5 attend the D/HH Program for half a day in either our morning (AM) section or our afternoon (PM) section.

Reeths Puffer Elementary 

Our Elementary D/HH Classroom is located alongside Reeths-Puffer Elementary’s K-4 classrooms and Reeths-Puffer Intermediate’s 5-6 classrooms. We currently teach students kindergarten through second grade using Deaf and Hard of Hearing specific reading, writing, and social emotional curriculum, American Sign Language, and general education math, science, and social studies curricula that have been adapted to fit each student's needs within our two classrooms.


Students within our program are provided with a variety of services including speech and language therapy, music therapy, audiological support, occupational and physical therapy, and social work in addition to work with ISD consultant based services per request (ex. D/HH, VI, AAC/AT, Behavioral, etc.)


How can my child be a part of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) Program?

Contact your Local Special Education Office to find out whether or not your child may be eligible for D/HH programming (see contact information below). 

ESU (Fruitport, Oakridge, Orchard View Ravenna): Cynthia Chorny - Admin Assistant (231-865-4055)

NSU (Holton, North Muskegon, Montague, Reeths-Puffer): Kim Goerbig - Admin. Assistant (231-719-3142)

Mona Shores: Debra Karel - Admin. Assistant (231-322-8220)

Muskegon: Patricia Smith - Admin. Assistant (231-720-2050)

Muskegon Heights: Luis Gomez - Special Education Director (Email:

Whitehall: Darci Christensen - Admin Assistant (231-893-1020 ex. 5009)

Amanda Krentz
Director of MAISD Special Education Programs and Accountability
Emily Robbins
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program Consultant