Medicaid Services

Who We Are

Public schools can receive reimbursement for medically necessary services provided to Medicaid eligible students.  School personnel ensure that a student's plan of care is being implemented, and it could include a variety of services that address physical, mental and emotional health.  All Medicaid claims for public schools in Muskegon County are submitted through the Muskegon Area ISD. 

Schools are required to obtain consent from parents whose children receive school based services and are eligible for Medicaid before submitting any school based service claims. Medicaid School Based Services Information and Answers for Families includes more information.

Our Goal

We aim to grow understanding of how to effectively take advantage of the Medicaid reimbursement offered by properly logging claims and obtaining all supporting documentation required.  When school districts optimize the use of financial resources by submitting claims when possible, the Medicaid reimbursement helps ensure services are available to students who need them.  

How We Serve

The Muskegon Area ISD’s Medicaid team provides support to local school districts, public school academies, and ISD program staff of all levels.  This support ranges from in-person to online with the goal of helping staff navigate and get the most out of the systems as they provide services to students.

Networks Supported

EdPlan by PCG Education
PowerSchool Special Programs [MiPSE]
PCG Claiming System Michigan AOP

Examples of Professional Development Provided

The support offered ranges from in-person to online.  See LearningStream for current offerings.

  • Medicaid New & Refresher - Direct Service SE
  • Medicaid New & Refresher - Psychology - Assessment Only
  • Medicaid New & Refresher - TCM/Teacher
  • Medicaid New & Refresher - 31n/C4S

Help DeskClick here to submit Helpdesk Support for Medicaid Services.

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Monica Jenkins

Medicaid Coordinator/Project Specialist
Phone: 231-767-7224
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Carlie Boyd

Special Education/Medicaid Administrative Assistant
Phone: 231-767-7248
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Stephanie Bryant

Data and Support Specialist
Phone: 231-767-7253
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Sarah Dillon

Special Education Financial Project Specialist
Phone: 231-767-7277