Instructional Services for Schools

Services and activities provided are divided into four overarching categories:

1) Student and School Success Initiatives

  • Restructuring strategies
  • School Improvement and accreditation strategies and implementation
  • New models for curriculum, instruction, assessment, and delivery
  • Expanded opportunities through differentiated instruction
  • Research based projects/strategies/systems

2) Consultation/Coordination

  • One-on-one or group consultation (special expertise in literacy, social studies, early childhood, language arts, math/science, assessment, health education curriculum, and advanced and accelerated learners education)
  • Coordination of special interest groups
  • Coordination of special county-wide projects
  • Liaison with other ISDs and the State Department of Education
  • Networking, sharing of best practices, curriculum/instruction/assessment collaboration

3) Direct Programming and 4) Special Initiatives

Each of the above focuses on the need to assist/enable local districts with the issues of:

  • Restructuring/School Improvement
  • Instructional improvement for increased student learning and achievement, Curriculum Mapping, Revision, and Development
  • New legislation and guidelines (including Education ?Yes? and No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
  • Enhanced content area awareness and expertise