School Activities



Wesley STARs

Wesley School Continues to Implement What a Wesley STAR stands for S means Stay Safe, T means Take Responsibility, A means Always Do You Best and R means Respect EveryonePositive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

Wesley's PBIS Program features a STAR acronym as the foundation for expected behaviors.  The focus is on safety, responsibility, doing your best, and respect.   Students can become Wesley STARs and have their name placed outside of the principal’s office by meeting STAR expectations.  Expectations for appropriate behavior in all areas of the school are taught to every student during "Expectation Week." 

School Equipment

Wheelchair Accessible Lab

  computers on desks showing tables of different heights

Occupational Therapy Equipment

  Occupational Therapy climbing equipment, consisting of a ladder of multi-colored foam rollers     Green saucer shaped swing, hanging from the ceiling. A blue round exercise ball and a large, red, foam tube.