Technology Services

MAISD Technology Services provides data solutions and technical support to districts throughout West Michigan.  Services include the Lakeshore Technology Consortium, Enterprise Solutions - Programs for Schools, Network Services, and District/Client Support.

Did You Know?

  • The MAISD has over 15,000 active user accounts
  • MAISD Technology Services hosts a VoIP phone system that supports over 2,000 phones in our local schools
  • Over 25 TB are backed up daily
  • There are over 125 servers running in our data center
  • The Shoreline Fiber Network has over 120 miles of fiber running on more than 3,000 poles throughout Muskegon County
  • There are over 90 sites on the Shoreline Fiber Network, including many local fire and police departments
  • MAISD Technology Services hosts over 25,000 student records through PowerSchool

Additional Services

Other technology-related services provided by the MAISD include PowerSchool hosting, MI School Data and Our School Data - Data Warehouse Services, Instructional Technology support and training, and REMC media services and training.

Our technology staff includes a director, network/applications administrator, network engineer, SIS support specialists, site coordinators and technicians, and a departmental administrative assistant.

MAISD Technology Services provides many network services for our local districts.  These services include:

  • Network Administration
  • Firewall and Content Filtering
  • Shoreline Fiber Network
  • Technology Device Support
  • Phone Support
  • Technology Implementation
  • Software Purchasing and License Documentation
  • Hardware Purchasing
  • Conference Room Presentation Equipment Maintenance
  • Technology Needs Consultation
  • Hosted Services:
    • Websites
    • Destiny
    • HelpSpot
    • PowerSchool
    • Meal Magic
    • Moodle
    • Servers and Active Directory
    • DynaCal
    • Mitel VOIP