Lakeshore Learning Center

Respect. Responsibility. Positivity.


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Our Mission

To promote optimism, trust, forgiveness, and character development through setting clear expectations of Respect, Responsibility, having a Positive Attitude, and Being Safe in a therapeutic environment, ultimately increasing academic achievement.

Lakeshore Learning Center serves students K-12 from throughout Muskegon County.

The Lakeshore Learning Center is a place where...

  • All students and staff feel accepted, respected, and treated with dignity.
  • Students are constantly supported to build independence.
  • Students participate in a purposeful curriculum scope and sequence tied to national standards.
  • Creative planning for students is done with presumed competence and consideration for transition needs.
  • Staff participates in regular data reviews (involving the student as much as possible) to improve instruction and overall student achievement.
  • We have a community of parents, educators, volunteers, students, and community agencies building relationships and working toward meaningful common goals.
  • Buildings, programs, and classrooms are accessible, inclusive, and welcoming.
  • The staff has a strong sense of self-awareness and emotional well being; evident in the way they respect, support, teach and respond to the “whole student” and one another.
  • There is intentional two-way, open communication among staff.
  • Student behaviors are supported in a proactive, positive, safe, and predictable environment using evidence-based programming.
  • Students work toward self-determination and gaining an understanding of their IEP.

Lakeshore Learning Center

1001 Wesley Avenue
Muskegon, MI 49442
Phone: 231-773-0534

Hours of Operation

Current Schedule

Monday - Friday
Hours of Operation:  8:10 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.