State & Federal Programs

State & Federal Programs


Who We Serve

  • School or district building administrator
  • School or district building leadership team
  • Business official

What We Do

The world of state and federal programs (grants and compliance) is complex and ever evolving. The MAISD strives to provide timely and accurate communication, professional development, consulting, and networking opportunities to assist district administration in leveraging state and federal program funds to improve student and staff outcomes.

Examples of Service:

  • Reviewing of Section 31a identification criteria and creating a plan for collecting and reporting data
  • Working with a district team to write and implement written processes for identifying, reporting, and serving at-risk students using funds from Section 31a
  • Leading a team through the comprehensive needs assessment process and identifying how to address those needs through existing or additional staffing
  • Consulting with district administration to connect the identified staffing needs to available state and federal grant sources, such as 31a or Title IA, and working with program officials on implementing and monitoring the new programming

    Our intended outcomes:

  • Understand the intent and purpose of state and federal programs such as Title IA, Title IIA, Title IIIA, Title IVA, 31a, and others
  • Use state and federal program funds to improve outcomes for students and staff
  • Understand and comply with state and federal law in the implementation of programs



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How We Serve

  • Facilitation of a meeting (more than 1 other person)
  • Providing or leading training on a specific topic (conducting a workshop)
  • Working directly with administrators or building leadership teams
  • Analyzing data with a teacher or leadership team (1-1 or group)
  • Advising/recommending a course of action
  • Coordinating an event, activity, or collaboration

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Networks Supported

  • Title I Coordinators

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