Assistive Technology

& Augmentative/Alternative Communication

Assistive Technology Teacher with Student

The Assistive Technology (AT) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Consultants work in cooperation with local school districts'  teams in Muskegon County to provide training, coaching, and other services to support students experiencing learning and communication challenges.  The focus of AT/AAC training and coaching services is the development of knowledge and of skills with AT or AAC tools to ensure equal access for all students to instruction.  These services range from the individual student to classroom-wide and building-wide implementation of supports.

Assistive Technology Loan Library 

Examples of Service

Individual consultation

  • Individualized access to curriculum and instruction for students with high incidence disabilities.
  • Student-specific literacy, language, and communication supports as well as curriculum access for students experiencing low incidence disabilities.
  • Classroom or building support (high-incidence)
    • Classroom or building-level support to build access to curriculum and instruction for students with high-incidence disabilities.
    • Classroom-based support of literacy, language and communication for programs supporting students with complex communication and learning needs.

AT/AAC Loan Library

  • Opportunity for short-term loans of AT and AAC equipment in order for districts to explore available options and determine the best fit prior to acquisition.
  • AT/AAC Trials
    • Support for teams in trialing, selecting and implementing AAC and AT options to meet communication, language, and/or instructional needs.

Professional Development

  • Support/capacity-building for district SLPs, OTs, PTs and general education and special education teachers in providing access to instruction, language, and communication through AT and AAC.

Team & Family Training

  • Communication partner training and coaching to support communication and language needs.
  • Training on AT devices/resources for school team members and families, as needed for successful implementation.

Intended Audiences

  • Individual or group of special education teachers/practitioners and the classroom teachers of students they support (grade levels, departments, etc)
  • Occupational therapists (OT) and physical therapists (PT)
  • Speech-language pathologists (SLP)
  • District administrator and/or special education supervisor/director
  • School building or district leadership team
  • District or county-wide groups (OT and SLP Communities of Practice)

Delivery Methods

  • Coaching for district SLPs and teams around AAC supports and strategies
    ♦ Intensive in-classroom support for area students, SLPs , teachers, para, parents and families 
       on effective AAC implementation strategies
    ♦ Integrating AAC supports and language and learning needs
  • County-wide collaboration and training around AAC strategies and supports to build capacity
  • Planning and facilitation of quarterly SLP and OT Community of Practice meetings
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) professional learning & coaching services
  • Professional learning, coaching, and intensive in-classroom support to educators and administrators to enhance access to curriculum and instruction for students with disabilities

Networks Supported

  • SLP Community of Practice
  • OT Community of Practice
  • Supporting Students with Significant Needs Community of Practice

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Supporting educators in developing the full potential of every student through professional development, program innovation, coaching and consultation.

Corinn Hower
Assistive Technology Consultant
Jim Kauppila
Assistive Technology Consultant
Theresa Augustyniak
Augmentative & Alternative Communication Consultant