Behavior Support Services



Who We Are

The Behavior Consultants work in cooperation with local school districts’ teams in Muskegon County to provide coaching support for the implementation of evidence-based practices for students who are eligible for special education and have intensive behaviors needs.

Our Goal

The goal of Behavior Coaching is to build capacity around Tier 3 behavior systems and practices. Teams who determine that coaching support is needed throughout the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP) process may apply for coaching.

How We Serve

Consultation & Coaching

  • Coaching support for teams and individuals through the FBA/PBSP process
  • Coaching support for teams and individuals around individualized student-specific function-based interventions
  • Support the implementation of
  • Intensive resource rooms
  • Seclusion/restraint protocols
  • KIP/Crisis Teams
  • Teams within Muskegon County schools supporting students who qualify for special education services who require Tier 3 function-based interventions can apply for consultation/coaching services with approval from a special education administrator
  • Ideally, teams will apply for coaching before they are in crisis.  When a team is in crisis it is much more difficult to process and do the foundational work to make a slow and steady change to individual school systems to promote the success of all students


Professional development 

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP) 
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCI-S)
  •  Mindfulness in Education
  •  Staff Wellness 
  • Asynchronous Trainings Available in these areas:
  • FBA- ABC Data Collection and Analyzation
  • Verbal De-escalation/TCIS
  • Mindfulness

Networks Supported

  • School Social Work Community of Practice
  • TCIS Trainer Community of Practice
  • Tier 3 PBIS