Special Education Parent Advisory Council

What is SEPAC and how can it help you support your child's journey?

SEPAC works to support students with special needs and their parents and caregivers. It aims to build partnerships between families, students, the local school district, and the MAISD by improving communication and cooperation. SEPAC members represent their local schools and advise parents and schools. Parents of children with disabilities can contact SEPAC members for help with questions or concerns. Members receive training on the special education process and how to advise parents.

So you just discovered your child may have special needs. Here is some initial advice to help you begin your journey of supporting your child, from parents who are on the same path. Take it slow, trust that you’ll figure it out, embrace the growth, and know that your child will succeed!

An IEP, or Individualized Education Program, is a plan designed specifically for your child to help them succeed in school. It ensures that your child gets the personalized support they need. In this video, parents share their advice and experiences to help you feel confident and prepared for your child’s first IEP meeting. Learn from those who have been through it and discover how to best support your child’s education journey.