Fiber Optic & Cable Equipment

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Fiber Optic & Cable Equipment

Improved public safety, faster online classroom connections, and lower telecommunications costs top the list of benefits realized since the completion of the Shoreline Fiber Network in June 2007. A joint project of the MAISD, Muskegon County, and Muskegon Central Dispatch 9-1-1, the 130-mile network connects 82 sites, including local schools, colleges, fire departments, police stations, and other governmental entities. This unique collaboration is one-of-a-kind in the state.

Construction costs were reduced by $2,080,000 by building one network with fibers bundled into three separate parts on a common route. Annual combined savings are estimated to top $250,000.


In 2022-23, the MAISD made no purchases of fiber optic or cable equipment.


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