We are a regional education service agency serving the public schools of Muskegon and parts of Oceana, Ottawa, and Newaygo counties.


John Severson, MAISD SuperintendentWelcome!

Today in our county, tiny children will walk into our preschools hand in hand with a family member with no intention of letting go….but then they lock eyes with a teacher and sprint in for a hug. Their hesitation vanished because our preschool staff is family to these students.

Today in our county, staff members will wait in freezing wind chills for busses to arrive at Wesley School. They’ll wave freezing hands and greet students with the same excitement as a celebrity arriving in a limousine. They’ll smile as they push cold metal wheelchairs through slush and ice and they’ll do it all with more love than you ever thought possible.

Today in our county, a student at the Career Tech Center will ignite a life-altering interest in a career because of the passion of one of their teachers.

Today at the Transition Campus, a light bulb will turn on for a participant enabling them to be thriving members of society, because of our relentless staff. A student at the Lakeshore Learning Center will defy the odds and make progress, because our staff has never given up on them.

Today, a home visitor will encourage a single mom who’s at the end of her rope. An administrative assistant will go above and beyond to connect a parent to life changing services. A truancy officer will be the human connection an isolated student needs. A finance professional will stay late and work through lunch to ensure paychecks arrive on time. A maintenance worker will push through freezing fingers to shovel and salt a sidewalk for what feels like the 30th time this week. A coach will inspire a teacher who’s on the brink of giving up.

Please explore our website to learn more about what an ISD is, who we serve, and what services we offer.  Thank you for your interest and support.

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     Dr. John Severson
     Muskegon Area ISD Superintendent


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Our Goals

  • Goal 1:  Positively impact the achievement and success of all students in the MAISD service area

  • Goal 2:  Enhance public understanding of and support for public education

  • Goal 3:  Maintain a highly qualified, dynamic staff that is committed to continuous learning

  • Goal 4:  Help educators collaborate on initiatives that benefit all students and staff

  • Goal 5:  Provide professional development programming that addresses the priorities of local school districts in the MAISD service area

  • Goal 6:  Engage local school districts in exploring a framework for the future of education

Our Mission

To provide leadership and programming that enhances the success of everyone it serves.

MAISD Leadership Team

Dr. John Severson

Phone: 231-767-7202
Email Dr. John Severson

Barb Irey
Senior Executive Assistant
Phone: 231-767-7201
Email Barb Irey

Randy Lindquist

Associate Superintendent for Academic Services
Phone: 231-767-7229
Email Randy Lindquist

Mike Schluentz

Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services
Phone: 231-767-7207
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Our Vision

To be the premier source for quality educational programming, service and leadership.

Karlie Parker

Associate Superintendent of Special Education
Phone: 231-767-7251
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Kelly Powers

Associate Superintendent for Human Services & Auxillary Programs
Phone: 231-767-7213
Email Kelly Powers

Stuart Jones

Executive Director of Early Childhood Services
Phone: 231-767-8300
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Ben Kalb

Director of Communications
Phone: 231-767-7263
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Finance A finance professional will stay late and work through lunch to ensure paychecks arrive on time...#MAISDEveryday
Human Resources An HR professional will pour through hundreds of resumes to find the PERFECT candidate for our DYNAMIC team!
Wesley & Transition Our staff at Wesley School and Transition at Craig...do it #MAISDEveryday with more LOVE than you ever thought possible.