General Information

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General Information

The MAISD serves as a central support system for all public, charter and non-public schools that operate within Muskegon County. There are 56 ISDs or Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) in the state of Michigan - and no two are exactly alike. Each bases its work on the specific needs of their constituent school districts. All offer leadership, programs, and services in the areas of early childhood education, instruction, career and technical education, special education, technology, and business.

In 2022-23 MAISD operated and/or oversaw the following:

  1. Early Head Start of Muskegon/Oceana (funded for 165 slots)
  2. Early On (1,084 referrals)
  3. Great Start Readiness (funded for 1,630 slots in Muskegon County)
  4. Head Start of Muskegon/Oceana (funded for 666 slots)
  5. Lakeshore Learning Center (29 students)
  6. MAISD North & South Buildings
  7. Muskegon Area Career Tech Center (CTC) (831 students)
  8. Muskegon Area Promise (689 new and returning scholars)
  9. Muskegon Opportunity
  10. Transition at Craig Campus (93 students)
  11. Wesley School (62 students)


Budget and Summary Information

Financial data regarding the operation of the entire MAISD organization is reflected in the following budget summary data:

Pupil FTEs

(Full-Time Equivalents):

FTE pupils served as defined by the Michigan Department of Education
for purposes of this report:  25,712


Constituent Districts, PSAs, Nonpublic Schools

Most of the students within the MAISD service area attend 11 constituent public school districts. In addition, the MAISD has six charter schools and seven non-public schools.


ISD Employees

The total below includes, but is not limited to:

Early On staff to provide services to infants and toddlers with disabilities

Head Start and Early Head Start staff to serve Muskegon and Oceana counties as required by federal grants

Head Start and Great Start Readiness staff for Muskegon Heights, Muskegon, Fruitport, and Mona Shores

MAISD early childhood staff members at Muskegon Heights, Mona Shores, Muskegon, and Fruitport

Lakeshore Learning Center staff

Teachers, paraprofessionals, career specialists, and office staff for the Career Tech Center (CTC) in Muskegon

Wesley School teachers, instructional assistants, medical staff, therapists, and other specialists who serve students who have severe physical, cognitive, and multiple impairments

Transition at Craig Campus staff to serve as job coaches in the field, instructors, and occupational therapists

Instructional, behavioral, career and technical education, special education, technology, and business staff who provide leadership, programs, and services for area schools throughout West Michigan

Muskegon Opportunity/Muskegon Area Promise program staff

Lakeshore Technology Consortium staff serving Holton, Muskegon Covenant Academy, Muskegon Catholic, Muskegon Heights, Whitehall, and Orchard View Schools


Budget Summary Employee Chart

Total Employees:    380

2022-23 Total Dollars Distributed Vocational Education $34,791, Special Education $16,989,063, General Education $16,243,839
2022-23 Total Dollars Distributed

For the 2022-23 school year, just over 36% of the MAISD actual expenditures were in fact monies that were dispersed to local schools. As of June 30, 2023, the MAISD distributed $33,267,693 from local, state, and federal funds under the following headings: General Education (includes Head Start), Special Education, and Vocational Education.

2022-23 Total Dollars Distributed $33,267,693



2022-23 Expenditures Transferred to Local Districts $36,957,039, Instruction $14,364,387, Support Services $33,344,824, Community Services $6,299,436

2022-23 Expenditures

Expenditures support continued operations in four basic areas: technology services, instructional services, special education, and business services. Support services to local districts are provided for centralized accounting, student records, education/training, consulting, tech support, and special education. The MAISD operates and/or oversees Wesley School, Career Tech Center, Lakeshore Learning Center, Transition at Craig Campus, Muskegon Area Promise, Early Head Start and Head Start of Muskegon/Oceana. Per state guidelines, expenditures are reported using the categories shown.

2022-23 Expenditures $90,965,686


2022-23 Revenue Transferred Funds ISD Services  $28,760,834, Property Taxes & Other Income  $27,984,123, Federal Grants (Head Start)  $22,231295, State Aid & Grants $28,760,834

2022-23 Revenues

Revenues are generated through a variety of resources, including, but not limited to: federal and state grants, state aid, property taxes, registrations, fees for services, local foundations, and transfers from other entities, including local school districts. The MAISD generated $50,992,129, just over half of its 2022-23 revenues, from federal grants, state aid, and state grants combined.

2022-23 Revenues $91,326,345