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West Michigan Talent Triangle

West Michigan Talent Triangle
Chris Glass, Director of Legislative Affairs
Email C. Glass  Phone: 616-447-5689

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State Superintendent

Dr. Michael RiceDr. Michael Rice
Michigan Dept.
of Education
Phone: 517-241-0494



Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB)
News from The Capitol

Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA)
Government Relations


Michigan State Lawmakers

Michigan Senate:

Jon Bumstead
34th District
Phone: 517-373-1635
Fax:  517-373-3300
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Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee

Michigan House of Representatives:

Greg VanWoerkom
91st District
Phone: 517-373-3436
Email Rep. VanWoerkom

Representative Terry SaboTerry Sabo
92nd District
Phone: 517-373-2646
Email Rep. Sabo


Michigan House of Representatives Appropriations Committee